Pastor Jeremy Bannister
Jeremy Bannister, Lead Pastor

Jeremy Bannister is the Lead Pastor at Heights Christian Church. Jeremy has served as Pastor of Heights in various roles since 2001, first hired as a Youth Pastor, then becoming Co-Pastor in June 2008 and finally Lead Pastor in August 2022. He has been married for over 25 years to his best friend, Shannon, with whom he has been blessed with 3 children, one son-in-law and one soon to be daughter-in-law. He is also looking forward to the birth of his first grandchild.

Pastor Jeremy has a passion for Christ and for discipleship. His desire is for others to know for themselves the goodness of God in Christ through the knowledge of His Word. This is why in every area of ministry at Heights, the knowledge of the Word of God is highlighted. He is committed to preaching through the Bible in 5 years time. To help parents have a plan of discipleship for their children, he created The Next Generation Ministries. There parents can find blueprints for creating an atmosphere of discipleship in the home for their children.

He is passionate about his sports teams, most notably the Clemson Tigers, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons. He is also an avid Star Wars fan and game board enthusiast.

Overall, we just think he's an interesting person that you and your family will love getting to know.