Pastor Jeremy Bannister
Jeremy Bannister, Pastor

Jeremy Bannister is one of our pastors at Heights. Some of the activities he oversees is Preaching, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry and our Day Care. He has been with Heights since 2001. He is married (according to him) to the most beautiful and fun loving woman in the world, Shannon. They have 3 wonderful children. Jeremy graduated from Toccoa Falls College in 1999 with a degree in Youth Ministry.

Jeremy has many passions in life. First and foremost is his relationship with God and his love of his family. He also loves teaching youth about Christ and seeing them transformed by His grace. But he also has ambitions of being published for Bible studies, Christian fiction and Star Wars fiction...yet has to find the time to do all of this stuff. He also wants a great backyard, but doesn't understand why all he can produce is weeds. He lives for the day that the Braves & Falcons win world championships the same year that the Clemson Tigers win the BCS.

Overall, we just think he's an interesting person that you and your family will love getting to know.
Pastor Mark Scales
Mark Scales, Pastor

Mark Scales is the pastor in charge of Small Groups, Missions, Family Ministry and Outreach at Heights. He and his wife Barbara were married in 1986 and have two incredibly gifted sons, Caleb & Jonathan. Mark has been in ministry for almost 14 years, the first being at Hope Christian School, serving as a teacher, pastor, advisor and coach. Mark has taught Bible, World History, New Mexico History and Yearbook for eight years. He continues to teach Bible at Hope on a part-time basis. Mark graduated from North Harris County College with an Associate of Arts Degree in Journalism in 1986. He has also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Psychology from the University of New Mexico in 1990. Finally, Mark received a Master of Science in Ministry from Pepperdine University in 2005 and was ordained by his home church of Heights on December 25th (Christmas Day) in 2005. Mark has grown up at Heights Christian Church where he came to know the Lord and accept him as his personal Savior in the Summer of 1977 and was baptized at El Porvenir Christian Camp. Mark’s passions are teaching, preaching, short-term mission trips, running and reading (not necessarily in that order). Mark is currently on a kick to read murder mysteries.