For Students

Heights S.W.A.G. - For Mid-High and High School Youth
Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the Youth Room

Love God. Wednesday nights are abuzz with activity. During this time, we get to know each other by playing some awesome games. After the activity time, we turn our attention to the One we came to worship and learn more about. There is a time of praise and worship, relevant teaching from God's word and a time of prayer with adult leaders who care.

Love Others. We want the youth to expand their horizons, to look beyond their peers and become part of the local body of Christ. The best place for this is in our many small groups offered at the church. We recommend that youth begin to consider becoming involved in small groups as they reach their High School years.

Love Serving God. Finally, we want youth to help build up the body of Christ by putting their gifts, talents, and abilities to work within HCC. Through the act of service, youth will find that not only are they helping the body of Christ grow, but they themselves are also growing by putting their faith into action.

Yearly Activities
There are a number of activities that happen throughout the year. A couple of big events include:
June - El Porvenir Christian Camp
December - Lock In, with First Christian Church

Archived Information

   April 29, 2018, Parents of Youth Meeting - Available as an MP3 audio.